Promenade KS Edition

Promenade is a 2-4 player economic deck building game the explores the fluctuating and ruthless economy of the art collector world. Players shrewdly manipulate the market value of Impressionist art by building and exhibiting their growing private art collection. Build a business. Exploit public demand. Ruthlessly outmaneuver opponents. Orchestrate your rise to power and prestige. In the world of art collecting, the gulf between prominence and destitution is a fine art. Welcome to Promenade.

Barrage KS Edition

The War to End All Wars has ended. The warring nations and the industrial revolution have exhausted the world’s fossil fuel reserves leaving the world in economic ruin. Only the unlimited and untapped power of hydroelectric energy is able to bring humanity out of this dark age. Wealthy investors funded by their governments meet with Nikola Tesla in the French Alps to harness the power of nature and lead their countries to a bright new dawn fueled by water!