Top 10 Finds from the Taipei Game Show

The Taipei Game Show has been THE electronics game show in Taiwan for close to two decades now. While there has been space set aside for analog gaming in years past, this was the first year board games were given a separate hall to themselves—well, mostly to themselves. Across the street from Hall 1’s highly financed booths, LED screens, showgirls, and cosplayers stood Hall 3—home to well over 100 indie video game publishers and board game publishers.

Top 10 Asian Board Games of 2018

Cardboard East’s Top 10 Asian board games of 2018 (out of the Asian games I have stacked like the Himalayas in CE HQ). 2018 has been a great year for Asian board games. There were a lot of games published and a lot of them were solid games. Several successfully crossed the ocean, gained a lot of buzz, and delivered on that buzz. See who made the list!